Your Real Estate Professional in Karratha
Your Real Estate Professional in Karratha
Selling Tips


The property market is no different to any other commercial market. It responds to supply and demand.

Buyers will shop around until they find a home that suits their requirements. They may find more than one that  
they like and if they do, then they will buy the home that represents the best value to them.

Keeping in mind that your home will be one of many in this competitive market at any time, it is worth making sure that everything possible is done to ensure the saleability of your home before it is offered to the market.

CLEAN HOUSES MAKE A TIDY SUM – you need to remember that once your home is on the market you are living in a showroom. Ensure it is always immaculately clean for inspections, as one unmade bed can unmake a sale. Below are a few tips on preparing your home for sale, with in mind that first impressions count.


  • Ensure the front of your home is welcoming – first impressions are lasting impressions.
  • Removing litter and debris from your driveway and or around the front of your yard shows a tidy neighbourhood.
  • Put all personal items away e.g. don’t leave bikes on the lawn, pet’s toys on the pavement or clothes on the line, this will ensure your home looks tidy.
  • Maintain healthy lawns and gardens, ensure your lawn is mowed, plants are healthy and garden beds are weed free. Trim back shrubs and ensure the mulch in your garden beds is tidy.
  • Do arrange attractive out door furniture such as an out door setting or deck chair etc, this will give your home the look of leisure.
    Keep your paths free from leaves, sweep them down.
  • If you have a swimming pool, ensure the pool is sparkling clean, and free from floating toys etc. if you have a shade sail, ensure it is up and free from leaves.
  • If you own a dog, take it for a walk during inspections if you can.


  • Make homebuyers faces light up, raise blinds and open curtains, - natural light and allowing the view in gives the home a welcoming fresh touch. Make sure all your electrical light bulbs are working.
  • Ensure the tiles are mopped and swept and carpets are vacuumed. For the finishing touch, steam cleaning goes a long way and will remove any old unattractive stains, despite the cost.
  • Make all beds before inspections; an unmade bed makes a room look untidy. Cushions and a simple soft toy on children’s beds, gives the property the “home sweet home” touch.
  • Keep all personal and valuable items such as jewellery locked away and out of sight.
  • To ensure your home is welcoming; allow pleasant aromas to permeate throughout the house. – i.e. bake some bread or have a fresh pot of coffee.
  • Remove any kitty litter trays and dog food bowls.
  • Your home’s two best selling points; the kitchen and the bathroom are the two room’s buyers look closest at.
  • Ensure the kitchen benches clean and the sink free from dishes and the bathroom drawers and vanities are tidy, any razors or cosmetics are put away.
  • Clean light fittings and fan blades from dust and marks.
  • Make sure all windows and mirrors are clean and free from splash backs.
  • Clean out and clean up; clean out all your clutter, less clutter gives the impression of more room.

Remember finishing touches such as a vase of fresh flowers on the table, a welcome mat to the front door, pleasant aromas throughout the home, general cleanliness and ensuring your home is cool and ventilated upon inspection and showings, will count on the buyers first impression.


It is important that any seller appreciates that it is not the consultant or the valuer that puts a price on your home, but the market. The initial marketing period is crucial.

It is crucial that your initial price is not out of touch with the market indication of its value. Houses sell quickly and for the most money when they are priced correctly in the beginning.


The question you should ask a prospective agent is not “how much can I get for my house?” but “what will you do to get the best price for my property?”.

In today’s competitive market, merely placing a sign at the front of your home and putting a photo in an agents window is not enough to ensure that the best buyer is found. This is why the best agents offer specialised multi-faceted marketing programs to capture buyers from across the road, across the country and across the world.

The best marketing plan utilizes a combination of marketing tools including signage, local advertising, letterbox drops, internet listing, media editorials and much more to maximise your chances of attracting buyers.

Detailed below are some of the avenues that will be utilized in the marketing of your home.


The local paper issued weekly, with a circulation of just over 8,300 copies printed are sent out in Karratha, and the North West surrounding areas including Dampier, Point Samson, Wickham, Roebourne Tom Price, Paraburdoo, Onslow and Pannawonica.


At - we attract visitors from all over Australia. This means that your home will be showcased to thousands of prospective local, national and international buyers all day, everyday. Search Engine Optimisation is used so people can find our webpage, and your property more efficiently when they search “Properties in Karratha” in Google and Yahoo plus many more search engines.

Your property will also be featured on the national website This is an invaluable marketing tool and attracts thousands of visitors from all over Australia. We can even send you weekly updates via email so you stay in touch with the amount of interest in your property. All new listings are listed as 30 Day Feature Properties.


For further information on pricing please do not hesitate to ask your consultant.


Our North West Realty commercial is broadcasting on GWN television, creating vast exposure over the West Australian regional centres and attracting a range of clientele and prospective purchasers.


A North West Realty “FOR SALE” sign will be erected at the front of your home. Our signs are widely recognised and stand out to prospective purchasers.


This is another way we can let people know that your property is on the market.


It is most important that we get all members of our Sales Team to view your home. This is essential so that they can relay accurate information to interested buyers.